Chris and Kristen have a common passion in building people up to be the best possible version of themselves. Chris brings the mindset and motivation into the program while Kristen brings in the training and nutrition for a package that will help you to break barriors you have only dreamt of breaking.

100% No. We work with many people with a multitude of obsticals to overcome. We have been blessed to find a niche in Law Enforcement because of Chris’ background as a retired officer.

No Promlem! SFB Revolution is mostly online mindset coaching, nutriton support and training though we plan to do seminars in the near future.

Everyone’s situation is very different and the “plan of attack” is different with everyone. There is nothing cookie cutter with what we do. Macors are great, but sometimes simple potion control can go a long way. We take an indepth look at where you are and what our goals are to st up the best possible plan to offer you success.

Absolutely! We not only want to get you a great physique, but enhance your ability to get a full night sleep, eliminate ailments and inflammation and give you energy to be the Super Hero you want to be for yourself and family.